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Your Third Visit to Amarillo

This one of our adjustment rooms.

This one of our adjustment rooms.

After the investment of time needed on the first and second visits, many patients become concerned that every visit will be of equal length. This visit is the last visit that may take 20 to 30 minutes. After evaluating how your body has responded to chiropractic care, a recommendation for care will be given. The doctor will explain treatment options that are best suited for your particular condition. Your recommendation for care is based on your current spinal and nervous system condition, your lifestyle, and your goals for your health now and in the future.

The doctor will also explain the results that he would expect for each option for care that he presents to you.

Now that you understand the current condition of your spine and nervous system, and you understand the expected outcomes of your options, you are in a position to choose the type of care that you would like to receive.

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